Professional & Efficient Commercial Flat Roof Services in Chicago, Ill

We here at Chicago Commercial Roofing Co. have been proudly providing successful business owners with the fastest, most efficient, and most affordable flat roof services in all of Illinois. Our commercial roofing contractors are among the friendliest and most professional in the business and have been working with buildings of all shapes and sizes for more than 20 years.

Here are some of the services we are happy to provide our clients with FREE CONSULTATIONS for:


  • Commercial Flat Roof Repair
  • Commercial Flat Roof Replacement & Installation
  • Commercial Flat Roof Cleaning & Maintenance (one time or scheduled programs available)
  • Roof Leak Inspection
  • And More!

Don’t feel bad if you are among the many who neglect to have any sort of regular inspection or maintenance work done because let’s face it, your roof isn’t something that you see every day.

Unfortunately, this can be very costly down the road and over time may leave you with the need for an entirely new system. Avoid that costly replacement by having a commercial roofing company that you can trust and is trained to tackle projects of any size and shape.

We all know how harsh the winds and seasonal weather can be for us here in Chicago and our roofing systems and technicians were designed and trained to bring you the strongest protection that you can find. You simply won’t find durability that is tougher than the brands and building materials we stand behind that are coupled with commercial roofers who care more about what they do.

Commercial Flat Roof Repair Services

Time and time again, we have received calls from clients who trusted their HVAC technicians in regards to problems with their roofs. Even though heating and cooling systems can be found on the roof, this doesn’t mean that they are professionals in the subject and the damage they find and attempt to fix can often lead to bigger and more expensive problems.

Our roofing contractors have been highly trained in the ways to properly diagnose a leaky roof and they know exactly where and what to look for. Our roof inspection is very thorough and finding where a leak is coming from isn’t always as simple as following it straight up. Commercial buildings are much more advanced and more difficult to treat than a residential home so that is why it is imperative to only hire those who have experience and are licensed to work with commercial roofs.

Flat Roof Installation & Replacement

The roof of a building is no small investment and the first line of defense against the brutal winds and other weather conditions we are so prone to here in Chicago. That is why our team of roofers have been rigorously trained to ensure that every time we install a commercial roof we do it right the first time.

As opposed to a rounded shingle roof, a flat roof is designed to give you additional strength in protection and can be comprised of a number of different materials and brand names. We always keep our roofing supply and building materials completely stocked with the most advanced and up to date brands that are designed by the most reputable and respected roofing supply groups in the country.

Remember that we have worked with and have the supplies to provide our services to all commercial flat roof types & styles. So whether you are looking for a quick tune up or a complete replacement, you can be sure that we have the team of commercial roofers you are looking for and the products to ensure your investment is worth making.

Don’t forget that we offer FREE ESTIMATES for any and all of the services that we provide. We service all of Chicago and the greater surrounding areas including Schaumburg, Mt. Prospect, Arlington Heights, Des Plaines, Elgin, and more.